Dog's Best Friend
Dog's Best Friend

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David and Lex

When we first met Lex, he was being picked on my his two sisters, and sought shelter under our legs. We took that as a sign, and 45 minutes later we were driving down the M5 with him. 

The other reason we fell in love with Lex was the fact that he was born on our wedding day. There is something strange to think he was born in Worcester whilst we were in New York getting married. We named him after Lexington Avenue, where we went for burgers after the ceremony. 

He's the most perfect company when you get on the sofa at 9pm.  He's the happiest soul I've ever met. I've never felt him sulk or be sad - he just loves everything and everyone.

He doesn't like surprise visitors though! I like to think that's because he's protecting us.

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Liz and Dillan

I was living alone and desperately wanted a companion, there was no other option than to get a dog. 

I went to a dog breeder in Dudley. I hadn't intended on bringing him home but as soon as I saw him it was love at first sight. 

As a puppy Dillan was full of energy and love. As he gets older he's a lot calmer but still very loving and always craves human company.

A couple of years ago I was very poorly, and couldn’t get out of bed. Dill lay with me all weekend watching Happy Feet.

He’s my best friend. After work he’s always there to put a smile on my face after a stressful day.


Naomi and Troy

At a breeder in Mansfield, I had to choose which dog I'd be keeping, which is brutal as all the pups were adorable. But Troy was cheeky and nosy and nibbly and I loved him from that moment on.

He's my little best mate. He's forever pleased to see me when I walk in the door, he knows when I'm sad and snuggles in but he's also my favourite little bundle of fur to dance around and celebrate with when times are good. He fills my heart with happiness even on sad days.

I want Troy to give me away with my Dad on on my wedding so I'm ignoring venues with a no dog policy. 

He knows I'll love and look after him, and I know he'll love and look after me. Before I had a dog I thought people who said this stuff were nuts but it's true!